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durham security systemsLooking for a Durham home security system company on which you can depend? 

Did you know that a home invasion occurs every 15 seconds in the U.S. and, on average, police only recover 13 percent of the stolen property? These statistics show why protecting your property and family with a reliable home security system is a smart move. As one of Durham’s leading security companies, Summit Security knows how to keep your family and home safe.

With safety and protection in mind, we have spent nearly two decades protecting Durham residents and business owners. We stay up to date in the technology world, always adding to and upgrading our procedures and products as upgrades become available. It is through doing this that we have built a large base of satisfied customers. We recognize that you and yours are what matter most — our customers are never just a number in a database to us. We are a local company, and you are our neighbor, and all of our customers are part of the Summit Security family. We take pride in helping you proactively protect your family and are eager to help you for years to come.

Warm Summers, Moderate Winters, and Beautiful Spring and Autumn Temperatures Make Durham the Perfect Place to Live and Enjoy

A city where great weather means plenty of opportunities to get out of the house and go exploring means Durham residences are often left empty.

Durham, North Carolina is an amazing city where there is always something exciting to do. Spend a day perusing one of the many shopping venues; check out the artwork at local galleries such as the Golden Belt Studio, the Nasher Museum of Art, or Pleiades Gallery; or try a new cuisine in the American Tobacco District. As home to a number of colleges and universities, there is always something exciting happening in Durham.

With the much-loved activities that come with the city, there also comes the need to keep your home and family safe. You can choose to approach personal safety a variety of ways, but one of the most efficient is a dependable Summit security system. Thanks to today’s technology, our home security systems can do much more than just keep intruders out – they are now efficient tools with multiple benefits.

durham security alarm systemsAlarm Systems in Durham NC from Summit

There are many ways a home security system can change your life.

When one thinks of a home alarm system, what comes to mind? Most likely, it’s the knowledge and peace-of-mind that your home and family are protected every hour of the day – whether or not you are at home. But today’s technology offers additional advantages including:

  • Being able to activate the alarm remotely (while you are away from the property)
  • Having flood, carbon monoxide and fire alarms built into the system
  • Video monitoring and motion sensors, which can activate lighting either inside or outside
  • The ability to monitor more than one location at a time
  • Today’s systems can be set to know the difference between people traffic and animal traffic, so there is no fear of accidentally setting off the alarm and being charged for a visit from emergency personnel. In addition, your home security system can alert you if your pet is in danger.

A home security system has been shown repeatedly as key in reducing your risk of being a victim of a home invasion. A study by Rutgers University found that just having a system is a crime deterrent and a home without an alarm system is 60 percent more likely to be burglarized.

Why You Need a Home Security System in Durham, NC

Don’t be a victim of home invasion!

If you don’t think a home security system is necessary for your home or business, then take a few minutes to consider these home invasion and burglary statistics:

  • The majority of burglaries take place between 10 a.m. and 3p.m.
  • 39 percent of residential fires and 52 percent of residential fatalities from fires occur in homes without smoke alarms.
  • According to the FBI, 8 percent of robberies are committed with a gun.
  • The majority of burglars gain entry into the home through the front door, back door or a first floor window; 60 percent of burglars use forcible entry to gain access to a home.
  • It is estimated that burglaries cost homeowners $3.1 billion each year, with an average loss per robbery of $1,700.
  • In the event of an emergency, homes with a security system have a quicker response time because they cut out the intermediary contact.

Summit Security Offers Home Security You Can Depend On

We know the value of protecting your home and family. It is that dedication to safeguarding your family that motivates us to always be looking for more ways to improve our home security products and processes. We offer several security packages, each designed to work with your needs, budget and location. When you meet with one of our Summit home security specialists, we will determine the approach that is best for your scenario and work with you to see that you understand how the system works. Our products are primarily cloud based, so we are able to keep installation and equipment costs to a minimum for you.

Working with Summit Security is safety you can count on. We know how important your family and home are to you, and we are here to help. Don’t stress over safety — call Summit Security and allow us to make  it easier to enjoy all the fun Durham has to offer. We have your back.  Let us handle the security, while you have the fun. Contact us today to get started.