Honeywell Security Systems in Raleigh/Durham, NC.

A Superior Security System Customized to Your Triangle Location’s Needs by the Professionals at Summit Security with Honeywell Security Systems solutions

honeywell security systems raleigh durham ncFor more than a decade, the home security specialists at Summit Security have focused on helping keep Raleigh-Durham families and businesses safe. Our partnership with the pros of Honeywell Security Systems of Raleigh – Durham means we can do this with high-level efficiency while providing advanced security features such as card or coded push button access, 24-hour monitoring, remote locking, home security lighting, theft protection, environmental sensors, and much more.

Protecting Your Family and Business

A Honeywell Alarm System is the best way to keep your home or office safe in Raleigh/Durham. By using a Honeywell Alarm, you do your part to prevent break-ins, lowering the crime rate in the Triangle!

By definition, a robbery is when someone steals from you. In the court system this is broken down into several categories, but when someone enters your home with intent to steal, it is a referred to as a home invasion robbery. Consider these relevant facts from the FBI:

  • Southern U.S. states have the highest annual number of robberies. The numbers range between the regions from the Northeast being 18.5 percent  to the Southern region’s 38.3 percent.
  • Most robberies occur in August and October, while the fewest are committed in February and April.
  • Only 13 percent of burglary cases are solved by the police.
  • The majority of burglars enter the home via the front door, back door or first floor windows.
  • During 60 percent of robberies, someone was home.
  • Each year it is estimated that there are 2.5 million burglaries across the U.S., costing homeowners around $3.1 million with the average loss per burglary at $1,700.

A Honeywell alarm system combined with the Cloud monitoring approach from Summit Security is the best security system available in the Raleigh – Durham area. We specialize in inspecting your location and determining what system design best suits your needs.

The Honeywell Alarm System: Security and Safety equals Life Long Protection

Keeping the people and places you value safe 24/7/365, without the need to install excessive hardware.

A Honeywell alarm system plus Summit Security’s cloud computing means no extra wires need to be added to the structure of your home or office. Our security systems provide constant monitoring of your premises and notifies authorities of any infractions, so help arrives quickly in the event of an emergency — whether fire, flood, attempted home invasion, or any other form of danger.

4 Benefits of Having a Security System in Raleigh – Durham

A Honeywell Security System Makes the Difference between Being Safe or Being a Crime Statistic

  • Having a home alarm system means that emergency response teams respond faster because the intermediary is removed.
  • While alarm systems are an intruder deterrent, they also are designed to protect against significant temperature spikes or drops, flooding, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Should any of these issues occur, your home security system will alert you as well as any appropriate emergency personnel.
  • Your home is not left unattended when you go out of town.
  • You can keep an eye on your home even when you aren’t there.

Honeywell home alarm systems are a great  way to protect your family or business in Raleigh/Durham from whatever security threats may occur. Make the call that can protect your biggest investment. Contact Summit Security Systems today!