An Alarm System for Raleigh, NC Locations Means Better Sleep at Night!.

A good night’s sleep is important to success. Having a security system you can depend on allows you to rest easy.

Raleigh security systemsGetting a good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy life and productivity at work. But if you are stressed about something, sleep can be elusive. Installing an alarm system for your home or business can relieve stress you may have over the protection and safety of your family or business and improve the quality of your sleep. Summit Security of Raleigh, North Carolina, has spent nearly two decades protecting the homes and businesses of people all across the NC Triangle area  that they can focus on those people and places that matter to them most.

Summit Security is dedicated to keeping our Raleigh family, neighbors and businesses safe. We actively seek ways to improve our home security systems and offer packages designed to fit any budget or location layout. We work with Honeywell Security and our sister company, Sonitrol of the Triangle, to ensure that the best technology in home security systems is available to you. In the event of an emergency, we are on your side, and we are here 24/7/365 to do our part to increase your security, peace of mind and good nights’ sleep.

Raleigh: A Cityscape Designed for Business & Pleasure

There are many beautiful cities in North Carolina. As the state capital, Raleigh is truly a city where one can find nearly any type of entertainment. Indulge in an evening of watching your favorite musicians at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion, take in a game at the PNC Arena, meander the world of education at well-known colleges such as North Carolina State University or Meredith College, or tantalize your taste buds at one of Raleigh’s delightful culinary venues. Raleigh is truly a city where there is always something new to do or see!

As with any city where there is ongoing growth and expansion, there also comes the need to take steps to protect yourself and your family. Even in quiet neighborhoods and modern residential complexes, it may be necessary to take proactive steps in protecting valuables.

Recognizing the Need for a Raleigh Security System Provider

An amazing city, yes, but don’t overlook the need to be proactive in safety measures!

Raleigh Crime Facts

Considering statistics collected by Neighborhood Scout, having a security system installed in your home or office location is a worthwhile investment. For example:

  • Raleigh, NC, is ranked at number 15 (with 100 being the best/safest) for crimes.
  • The national median (per 1,000 residents) for property crime is 27.3; the NC median is 31.28; Raleigh’s is 32.6. 
  • Statistics show that the national median for crimes per square mile is 37.9, North Carolina as a state averages 30 crimes per square mile, and Raleigh averages 110.
  • There is an average of 14,302 property crimes and 1,554 violent crimes annually in Raleigh.

Reduce your risk of being a victim of a home or business invasion or robbery. Have a Summit Security alarm system installed, and make your location significantly less (60%) attractive to burglars looking for easy targets. A Raleigh home security system makes your home or business too big of a risk for the would be thief.

Is an Alarm System Worth the Investment in Raleigh?

You invest in your home; invest in protecting your residence and family, too.

Security Camera Installation Raleigh NCWhether you have a house, apartment or condominium, it is important that you take time to protect your investment. Why? Because not only does your family reside there, there are so many memories within its walls. When you invest in a reliable home security system, you are protecting the past, present and future of your family. An alarm system is more than a deterrent against crime. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Your homeowners insurance will be lower – quite often by as much as 20 percent.
  • When you get a security camera installation, you can check on your home while you are away. This is a great feature if you often leave your children with a sitter and want to look in to ensure all is going well.
  • With selected features, you can remotely adjust your home’s thermostat, turn lights off or on, and engage your security system should you forget to do so before leaving.
  • A home security system improves the market value of your home.
  • A home security system offers additional features like flood notification, carbon monoxide levels and fire alarm.

Summit Security of Raleigh – A Leader in Alarm Innovation

Summit Security recognizes the need for reliable home security and upgrades our systems as new technology becomes available. It is our goal to keep our security systems the best you can have and to provide you with a selection of features that will fit your needs and scenario. With that in mind, we offer three packages: the Summit Secure, our modular package; the Summit Cloud system, designed to make security for multiple locations easy; and the Summit Vision package, which combines cloud technology and video verification.

Talk to anyone who has been the victim of a home invasion, and you will hear horror stories about how they felt. The peace of mind that once existed has been shaken, and the loss of items resulted in work and additional stress. Don’t make your life busier than it needs to be. With a home security system from Summit, you can sleep easy knowing that you are doing your part to protect what matters to you most. Give us a call today and start sleeping better than ever!