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Your family is safe with us!

Cloud technology makes protecting your home and business easier than ever.

We rely on technology for many things today. In fact, many of us spend more time interacting with each other via technology than we do in person. And while the fewer personal interactions can be cause for conflict, one can’t deny that technology also allows many industries to work more efficiently. The home security field is one of these.

We have merged the human element with sophisticated  technology. By using cloud technology, we are able to reduce the need for some onsite home security equipment. Additionally, we are able to make it possible for virtually anyone to have home security services in Raleigh, NC. By joining with nationally recognized Honeywell Security and our sister company, Sonitrol of the Triangle, we are able to offer three approaches with various security configurations — providing tailored solutions for each of our customers.

At Summit Security of Raleigh, you are more than a name on a spreadsheet. We work to build a relationship with you and understand your needs. When you have an emergency, we are here to help you – quickly, as we recognize the importance of a timely response. It our goal to work with you, to guide you through the home security system process and to help you make the best decision for the protection of your home and business. With nearly two decades of experience, our Raleigh team understands how to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Gardens, Sports and Fine Dining Facilitate the Perfect Place to Relax

Raleigh, North Carolina: Excitement, Energy and Home Security

Called the City of Oaks, named after Sir Walter Raleigh, and the NC state capital, Raleigh is always an exciting place to visit. Whether you love spending time in nature, exploring quiet trails and beautiful gardens, or prefer the energy of downtown with its museums, historic homes and plethora of dining opportunities, you will quickly discover that Raleigh is a city where the fun never stops. But it is more than just an exciting place to visit. Raleigh is a great place to live.

However, like many big cities, Raleigh, NC, is not without its concerns. Yes, it has quiet neighborhoods, a thriving historic district, and plenty of playgrounds, museums and sporting venues, but it is also advisable to be proactive in home security. According to City Data’s statistics, Raleigh experiences an average of 3,000 robberies per 100,000 residences every year. In fact, it ranks higher than the national average for several types of crime. Raleigh crime stats on Neighborhood Scout indicates  an annual average of 110 crimes committed per square mile, and a one in 31 chance of being the victim of a property crime.

These numbers mean that taking an active part in minimizing your risk is advisable. Summit Security is here to help you do your part to avoid becoming victim of a crime.

raleigh nc security companyKnow the Facts: Work with a Local Raleigh Security Company

Knowledge is power, but a home security system means safety and protection.

Contact Summit Security to learn how we can help. Consider these facts about crime and home security systems.

  • According to recent FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 447,403 robberies were reported to the police at the rate of one per minute in the United States.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice found the average dollar loss from a commercial robbery is $1,589, ranging from $769 in convenience stores to $4,330 at banks.
  • Homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. 
  • It is estimated that there are some two and a half million burglaries across the United States each year. These burglaries cost homeowners  $3.1 billion with the average loss per burglary at around $1,700.
  • In general, homeowners receive a 10-20 percent discount on their insurance by having a functioning home alarm system installed.
  • Home alarm systems prevent home intruders from staying too long if they do gain access to the house since there is a higher likelihood of them being scared away when an alarm is sounding loudly.
  • Having a home alarm system installed actually increases your home value when it comes to selling your home. As an added bonus, it also keeps your home protected throughout the selling process where a number of strangers will be inside your home.
  • Homes with security systems installed have a quicker emergency response time because they cut out the middleman and directly contact authorities for faster dispatch.

Reliable, Immediate Response Makes Summit the Raleigh Home Security Team the Answer to Minimizing Your Risk of Being a Crime Statistic

The home security system specialists at Summit know that you want to keep your family safe. To make this even easier we offer three packages all designed to make being safe easier. These packages are:

  • The Summit Secure is our modular solution and is ideal for both home and businesses. It offers the standard security system features as well as convenience on demand with control of lighting, locks, and thermostat management using the Total Connect plan.
  • Summit Cloud View is designed to make security for multiple locations easy. There’s no need to own any special equipment — you can lease what you need thus keeping upfront cost and maintenance expenses low.
  • The Summit Vision security system combines cloud technology and video verification to make security easier and better than ever.

A home security system is one of the best investments for your family. Don’t wait until something happens next door or you have been burglarized – talk to a Summit Security team member today.