Logo. Cloud Based Security Systems

We are excited to share our logo with our partners, vendors and customers. Please use the specific pantone color reference 293U for all printed material. Or use the equivalent settings to the color noted here for your specific application needs. This version does include the website address in the bottom right.

Summit Security logo options

*The most popular option is the RGB (lo-res shown above) but if you need a higher resolution option please use the Spot or CMYK(for print) eps. All content requires written permission from Summit Security Systems, LLC. for each occurrence/event/project. Files are hosted via dropbox.com, but a dropbox account is not required. Need help? Please contact hello@summitsecuritync.com

*RGB jpg / png

RGB-Reverse 2_Color – Black Background jpg 

RGB-Reverse 2_Color – png

RGB-Reverse 1_Color – png

RGB-Reverse 1_Color – Black Background jpg 

*SPOT eps / pdf

*CMYK eps / pdf

CMYK-Reverse 2_Color (White with Blue Mountain Ridge Line) eps 

CMYK-Reverse 1_Color (All White) eps 

CMYK-Reverse 1_Color – Black Background pdf 


Versions sans website 

RGB jpg / png

CMYK eps